Sylvain Paluczak

Présentation de M. Sylvain Paluczak
In 1987, Mr. Sylvain Paluczak graduated as a graduate Painter in letters / Decorator 1 (Additional mention: Silkscreen2) at the L.E.P. du Gué à Tresme (Meaux, France).
He continues his studies by obtaining his diploma of Execution designer in advertising 3 at the L.P. d’art graphique CORVISART (Paris, France) in 1990, with a complementary year (FCIL) Designer ROUGH/PAO/DAO.
To follow the evolution of the profession, he follows training Quark X-Press, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop at the Ecole en Communication Graphique (Saint-Ouen, France) in 1994.

His various professional experiences range from letter painting to visual communication, event planning, bottle-making and packaging of luxury products.

He landed on the island of St. Martin (Caribbean) in September 1995 becoming Studio Chef at ZIMBABWE Création (Graphic design studio).

In 1998, he founded phobosdesign as a freelance graphic designer.

Currently, he is following the training "Motion Designer" at the

Hobbies: Practice karate Kyokushinkai (President of the sports association Caribbean Karate Oyama).
                 Amateur guitarist.

A painter in letters / decorator is a painter specialized in writing and decoration. This activity was very important from the end of the nineteenth century to that of the twentieth century, for the realization of all kinds of indoor and outdoor signage, for information and publicity. Sources:
2 Screen printing is a printing technique that uses stencils interposed between the ink and the media. The media used can be varied. Sources:
3 Study of hand-drawn letters, model maker, drawing art and photography.